The Farm-to-Table Opportunity

The Farm-to-Table Opportunity for BC Business


The Farm-to-Table Opportunity

BC Business | November 2013

This cover story investigates possible solutions in the distribution bottleneck between consumers searching for local food and the companies trying to supply them, featuring Vancouver's Two Rivers Specialty Meats.

His days were long, 18 to 20 hours on average, and he spent most of them covered in blood. It was January 2008, and for Jason Pleym, a former meat salesman, each step toward building Two Rivers Specialty Meats Ltd. was an uphill battle. It didn’t help that Pleym had no professional experience as a butcher, and four whole beef carcasses had just been delivered to his small North Vancouver warehouse space.

“I was like a deer in the headlights when that first order showed up,” says Pleym, who had installed a walk-in refrigerator and a cutting area but little else.